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We recommend the best products through an independent review process, and advertisers do not influence our picks. We may receive compensation if you visit partners we recommend. Read our advertiser disclosure for more info.

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How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost?

Average National Cost
? All cost data throughout this article are collected using the RS Means construction materials database.
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$1950 - $5700

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December 29, 2023

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In my years as a contractor, one of the things I found most impressive was properly installed granite countertops. The natural stone elevates the look of practically any kitchen design, adding a touch of elegance and timeless beauty.

Granite countertops typically cost between $1,950 and $5,700 if you have them installed in your kitchen by a professional. However, many factors can sway this average cost, including the stone size, thickness, quality, finish, and edge treatment.

While the cost may stretch your budget, it’s well worth splurging on granite countertops. This guide digs into the cost of granite countertops and all the factors that can affect the price, so you’ll be armed with everything you need to know when working on your kitchen countertop project.

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How Much Does It Cost to Install Granite Countertops?

Having a professional install granite kitchen countertops costs an average of $3,591, according to my experience and research. However, the price can range from $1,956 to $5,685, depending on the counter size, thickness, surface finish, and quality. Decorative edge treatments, cutouts, backsplashes, and support brackets may increase the total.

Cost of Granite Countertops

What Factors Affect the Granite Countertop Costs?

The cost to install standard 1.25-inch-thick granite countertops comes in at $244.50 per linear foot on average, according to RS Means data. This is assuming that your counters have a depth of 24 inches. This amount breaks down to a material cost of $187 per linear foot and a labor cost of $23.50 per linear foot.

However, most homeowners may have countertops that are 25.5 inches deep, as this allows for a 1.5-inch overhang over the base cabinetry. With that in mind, an average price of $256.50 per linear foot is more likely to apply.

And if you’d like ultra-deep, 28-inch granite, expect to see average prices around $275.50 per linear foot. All these granite countertop prices include materials, labor, and equipment fees.

But when it comes to granite countertops, nothing is set in stone. The price can vary further due to a number of factors, such as:

  • Countertop size
  • Slab thickness
  • Granite quality
  • Surface finish
  • Edge treatment

To help you create your home improvement project budget, I’ll take a look at how each factor affects the price of granite countertops. Unless otherwise stated, prices are for a countertop that measures 25.5 inches x 14 feet x 1.25 inches.

Photo of stone countertop samples in varying styles and colors.
Credit: Canva

Costs of Granite Countertops by Size

On average, a granite countertop with a 25.5-inch depth and 14-foot width (25.5” D x 14’ W) costs $3,591 for materials and professional installation. Any changes to the depth or width will affect the price. You’ll typically see granite slabs priced by the linear foot, although installers may quote them out in square feet.

Cost of Granite Countertops by Size
SizeMaterial PriceTotal Granite Countertop Installation Cost
24” D x 10’ W$1,870$2,445
25.5” D x 10’ W$1,990$2,565
28” D x 10’ W$2,180$2,755
24” D x 14’ W$2,618$3,423
25.5” D x 14’ W$2,786$3,591
28” D x 14’ W$3,052$3,857
24” D x 18’ W$3,366$4,401
25.5” D x 18’ W$3,582$4,617
28” D x 18’ W$3,924$4,959

An average size kitchen has 30 square feet of counter space. This equals a depth of 25.5 inches and a width of about 14 feet. Smaller kitchens may only need 10 feet of granite, while larger designs with a kitchen island may need 18 feet.

The price of each linear foot of granite depends on its depth. On average, it’s $256.50 per linear foot for 25.5-inch-deep kitchen counters. The per unit price varies slightly for pieces with a depth of 24 or 28 inches.

Costs of Granite Countertops by Thickness

Granite countertops usually come in two sizes when it comes to thickness: 1.25 inches and 0.75 inches. The 0.75-inch slabs are about 20% less expensive than 1.25-inch-thick granite. If a 1.25-inch-thick countertop costs $3,591, it’ll be about $2,872 to install a 0.75-inch-thick piece of similar size and quality.

Most installers recommend putting 1.25-inch granite in kitchens. The 0.75-inch pieces work better for laundry room and bathroom countertops that don’t need as much durability and strength.

Costs of Granite Countertops by Quality

Granite countertop slabs are $80 to over $220 per linear foot or $140 on average. Homeowners can expect to pay $1,960 for a mid-range to high-end countertop. Additional materials, labor costs, and equipment are extra.

Cost of Granite Countertops by Quality
QualityPrice Per Linear FootCountertop Material CostTotal Granite Countertop Installation Cost

Quality Levels

Granite quality typically centers around its color and pattern, imperfections, origins, and overall availability. Many dealers grade granite from levels 1 to 3+, with three plus being the highest quality premium stone.

  • Basic (Level 1): $80 per linear foot
    • Common granite colors and patterns
    • Visible fissures
    • Easily accessible
    • Examples: Uba Tuba, Tan Brown, and Santa Cecilia
  • Mid-range (Level 2): $120 per linear foot
    • Interesting patterns that feature standard colors
    • Minimal defects
    • Widely available
    • Examples: New Venetian Gold, Giallo Fiorito, and Luna Pearl
  • High-end (Level 3): $160 per linear foot
    • Vivid colors in dynamic patterns
    • Little to no flaws
    • Hard to source
    • Examples: Black Galaxy, Labradorite, and Desert Dream
  • Premium (Level 3+): $200 per linear foot
    • Rare colors and patterns
    • Zero flaws
    • Limited availability
    • Examples: Van Gogh, Blue Bahia, and Lava Jewel

When looking at different types of granite, you’ll quickly see that vivid blue, green, and gold hues cost more than neutral tones. And top-tier granite from Brazil, Italy, and India has a higher price than basic slabs from China. Beyond that, flawless slabs go for a lot more than ones with visible veins, fissures, or surface imperfections.

Costs of Granite Countertops by Finish

You’ll pay $3,591 for a standard polished slab of granite. If you’d like it honed, it’s about $30 per linear foot more, for a total of $4,011 installed. A leathered finish increases the price by around $50 per linear foot, pushing the total to $4,291.

Cost of Granite Countertops by Finish
Finish TypePrice Per Linear FootAmount Added to the PriceTotal Granite Countertop Installation Cost
Polished$0 (comes standard)$0$3,591

All granite slabs come with a glossy polished finish standard. The high gloss darkens the base hue and helps the accent colors stand out in the light.

If you don’t like the shine, you can have the surface honed to create a satin or matte finish. This softens all the hues to create a more cohesive pattern. 

For an even more dynamic surface, consider a matte leathered finish. The rippled texture adds interest to the overall design, giving your kitchen an original, unique look. 

Costs of Granite Countertops by Edge Treatment

Edge treatments add $5 to $40 per linear foot to the total price. Eased countertop edges are the most affordable at $5 per linear foot. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find the double ogee edge, which costs around $40 per linear foot.

Cost of Granite Countertops by Edge Treatment
Edge TreatmentPrice Per Linear FootAmount Added to the PriceTotal Granite Countertop Installation Cost
Eased $5$70$3,661
Beveled $10$140$3,731
Ogee $20$280$3,871
Waterfall $30$420$4,011
French Cove$35$490$4,081
Double Ogee $40 $560$4,151

Most new countertops come with a simple straight edge, creating a clean, classic look. However, if you’d like a more personalized touch, you have many edge treatment options to consider.

Types of Edge Treatments

  • Eased ($5 per linear foot): Also known as the softened square look, eased edges have lightly rounded square edges that improve safety and reduce the risk of chipping.
  • Beveled ($10 per linear foot): Bevel edges are cut at a 45-degree angle to add immense visual interest to the counter design.
  • Bullnose ($15 per linear foot): A bullnose edge profile creates a perfectly rounded edge that’s stylish and comfortable to lean against.
  • Ogee ($20 per linear foot): Ogee edges have an elegant S-curve for a touch of luxury and refinement.
  • Dupont ($25 per linear foot): The Dupont edge has a sharp 90-degree cut at the top, leading to a rounded edge for the best of both worlds.
  • Waterfall ($30 per linear foot): With the waterfall edge, you get a cascade of three rounded edges that adds a sleek and modern touch.
  • French Cove ($35 per linear foot): The French cove edge design is a classic look that’s both rustic and elegant.
  • Double Ogee ($40 per linear foot): The double ogee edge pairs two curves that turn your granite countertops into a true statement piece.

Edge treatments don’t just look nice, either. Finishing the edges helps protect the countertop from chips, cracks, and other damage. The softer edges also elevate the comfort and safety of your kitchen.

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What Else Affects the Cost of Installing Granite Countertops?

Additional features can add up to $1,000 to the total cost of installing granite countertops in your kitchen. Here’s a look at the items you may want to add to your quote.


Cutouts are $100 to $300, depending on whether you need a hole for your sink, cooktop, or both. A sink cutout is $100, while a cooktop cutout is about $200. Installers will usually have the manufacturer create the cutouts, but it’s also possible to do them onsite.


A 4-inch-tall backsplash that matches your stone countertop is about $15 per linear foot. At that price, you’ll pay $210 for the backsplash alone, though this is a fairly small backsplash. Larger backsplashes will cost a lot more, and installation and additional materials, like construction adhesive and caulk, cost extra as well.

Support Brackets

Support brackets are about $50 each or more, depending on their design. Expect to pay $400 total for eight brackets if you need them along the full length of your counter. However, you’ll only need support brackets if your countertop overhang is more than 10 inches.

Sealant Application

Sealing granite costs between $200 and $350 when done by a professional. You can do it yourself for around $100. When you first get granite counters, your installer should apply the sealer for no extra charge.

Professional Vs. DIY Granite Countertop Installation

Even if you’re an avid DIY fan, I strongly recommend that you hire a professional to complete your granite countertop installation. Installation requires special tools, precise leveling, and secure anchoring to ensure lasting results.

Even more importantly, granite is ultra-heavy yet surprisingly fragile and rather hard to work with, even if you have a friend to help out. It’s also the most expensive part of the project, so if you break it, the replacement could take a big chunk out of your kitchen renovation budget.

7 Steps for Hiring a Professional Granite Countertop Installer

If you want to hire a professional granite countertop installer, follow these seven steps.

  1. Find local experts near you: Look for local experts by asking friends and family for recommendations and doing an online search.
  2. Get a quote from a few options: Get quotes from at least three professional granite countertop installers near you.
  3. Review project portfolios: Ask to see a portfolio of the installer’s past work to gauge the quality of their workmanship.
  4. Consult their recommendations: Reach out to each installer’s past clients to hear about their experience and ask if they’re satisfied with the results.
  5. Check licenses and insurance: Verify that the installers have the right licenses and insurance needed to protect yourself and your home.
  6. Assess the contract: Review the contract to see if you agree with all the terms, like the start date, project timelines, payment terms, and guarantees.
  7. Finalize the agreement: Sign your preferred installer’s contract and deliver it back to them with any payments due at that time.

So, Are Granite Countertops Worth It?

Although they’ll run you $3,591 on average, granite countertops are a worthwhile investment overall. This high-end material boosts the sophistication and durability of your kitchen while adding value to your home.

All you have to do in return is reseal the surface once a year to keep your counters looking their best for decades. Whether you hire an expert or apply the sealant yourself, it’s a small price to pay for the long-lasting beauty and joy that granite brings to your home.

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FAQs About Granite Countertops

Which is cheaper, quartz or granite countertops?

Quartz countertops are typically cheaper than granite. Installing quartz is $140 to $258 per linear foot on average. For granite, you’ll pay $244.50 and $275.50 for each linear foot you have installed.

What is the cheapest countertop material?

Limestone, porcelain, and granite tile countertops are the most affordable, followed by laminate counters. You’ll pay $30 to $40 per linear foot for tile materials. Laminate counters are $40 to $130 per linear foot.

Are granite countertops a good investment?

Beyond increasing the beauty of your home, granite countertops are an excellent financial investment. High-quality counters have a return on investment (ROI) of 60% to 80%. When completed as a part of a full kitchen remodel, the ROI can hit 90% or higher.

Is it difficult to care for a granite countertop?

Caring for granite countertops isn’t difficult at all. You just need to wipe them down daily with a soft cloth and stone soap. You should also reapply the sealant once a year to keep the surface fully protected.

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