How to Broom-Finish Concrete — and Why It’s Important

A bristled broom is all you need to finish a concrete patio and make it safe to walk on.

A beautiful, durable concrete patio can transform a non-descript, unused backyard into the ultimate outdoor living and entertaining area.

Whether you’re pouring a new patio with Quikrete concrete mixes or renewing an old, worn patio with Quikrete Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer, remember to texture the surface with a broom. This critical step provides a non-slip surface for safety while giving the patio an attractive, uniform look.

With new concrete, you can apply texture following most of the finishing. After you’ve leveled the surface and smoothened it with floats and trowels, use a broom to add a small amount of texture.
Do this when the concrete has cured to the point that it is becoming solid, but is still soft.

Resurfacing this concrete slab took years off its appearance, but it’s still important to give this slab a broom finish.

Drag a stiff bristled broom — one made from horsehair or nylon — slowly across the surface. Ensure each stroke is consistent, traveling in the same direction and creating tiny ridges in the surface.
This makes the concrete safer to walk on, particularly when wet.

When you resurface an existing slab with Quikrete Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer, the process is pretty much the same.

Just ensure that the concrete is hard enough that the broom won’t remove the resurfacer, and not too soft that it wouldn’t create the necessary texture.

It may take some practice to find that happy medium between when it’s too early to finish and when it’s too late, but a good rule of ‘thumb’ — no pun intended — is to press a finger into the concrete and ensure there’s no imprint.

Stick your hand in the concrete. If it leaves an imprint, the surface isn’t ready for texture — but it might leave a lasting impression! (DepositPhotos)

If there’s not, then go ahead and lightly score the surface, and that’s when the fun really begins.

While textured concrete finishes originated with a need — to keep folks safe from slippery surfaces — they’ve evolved to become an art.

You can carefully drag a broom in one direction over the concrete as a safeguard, but you also can get creative by adding designs.

Whether you go for the tried-and-true straight drag, or add some character to your concrete with different shapes and colors, you’ll end up with a lightly textured surface that’s attractive — and safe — to walk on.
And your concrete patio will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Here’s the difference between a textured concrete slab and an unfinished one.

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