Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Week of June 3, 2017

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It’s a very exciting time for Today’s Homeowner Radio as we welcome a new co-host to the show this week – Joe Truini!

With former long-time co-host, Allen Lyle, deciding to hang up his radio mic to follow new opportunities, it was a natural fit to bring Joe into this role at Today’s Homeowner. He is so well-respected in the home improvement industry and brings a wealth of experience to the broadcast booth. Joe’s diverse and lifelong career in home improvement make him a valuable asset and contributor to Today’s Homeowner. We know you will enjoy his professionalism, fantastic tips and wise perspective.


Joe has been a part of the Today’s Homeowner family for almost 20 years hosting the “Simple Solutions” segment for Today’s Homeowner TV. His impressive career includes writing for a number of national publications including This Old House, Popular Mechanics, Fine Homebuilding, Woman’s Day, and Today’s Homeowner magazines.

He has also authored eight successful books, including three best-selling shed-building books for Taunton Press. He continues to serve as an expert source and freelance writer from his home in Litchfield County, CT. Learn more about Joe.

Julie Day Jones joined us for our Around the Yard segment, sponsored by Pavestone and Quikrete. Julie shared some great pruning tips in the first hour.

And, in the second hour my daughter Chelsea Lipford Wolf joined us to talk about the June webisode of Checking In With Chelsea, DIY Porch Rail Planter Box.

Tip of the Week

Inspecting and draining your water heater annually is important to catch small problems before they become big ones and make the unit work more efficiently and last longer. Here’s how to go about it.

Here are the questions we tackled in this week’s show:

Hour 1

Gary in OH
I could use your advice. Our 1960s home has what I think is beautiful cherry paneling in our den. All the woodwork and windows are stained to match. My wife would like something else and something brighter. I know there are options, but I am looking for some advice from you. I know I could paint the paneling. I could try to take it down. I could try to wallboard over it, but all of those options still leave the built-in bookcases, mantel, windows and trim stained. Someone mentioned painted beadboard over the paneling. You always seem to have great solutions.

Melvin in NC
I had Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors put down and they’re cupping. A guy came out today to look at them and used a gauge to determine that my house is too dry. I’ve heard of too much humidity, but not too little. What do I do?

Rosa Lee in LA
Something is getting in my walls, maybe squirrels? It seems like they are between the floor and the basement ceiling. I’ve noticed rugs coming up and squeaks in the floor so I think they’re doing damage. How do I get them out?

Stephani in GA
I recently purchased waterfront home elevated about 30″ on sealed cinder block. Contractor says have serious mold problem under house and no vapor barrier. I always heard that ventilation screens were to be installed on elevated homes to allow the moisture out. What’s the skinny on this topic? Seal it tight or air it out?

Dotti in IN
The door opener is installed at the bottom of the storm/screen door. The screws pulled out of the door frame because of trying to open the door wider than the opener would allow. Any suggestions?

Hour 2

Paulette in AL
The Hardie Plank on my house is separating a little, but one place in particular has about a half inch opening between the two planks. I had this caulked about two years ago, and it needs attention again. What is the best way to repair this separation? Do I need to do anything extra to make sure rain doesn’t get behind the siding?

Larry in PA
How do you get house bricks repointed and waterproof again?

Bill in VA
I want to re-paint and put new carpet in my house, but I have a major dust problem despite cleaning all the time. It started years ago when an electrical air filter was installed with my a/c. I’ve since had it replaced but the problem continues. I was wondering if you have any solutions.

Susan in NV
My backyard wall is made of cinder block. I want to hang decorative glass plates that weigh up to 7 lbs with heavy picture frame wire. I would like to know: a) what I would use to attach the wire to the plates, and b) what type of concrete screw would be best to hang it from to support the weight.

Julie in NY
This might be a silly question, but is there a rule of thumb on which way the wood goes on floor? My old porch has lots of little wood boards coming out from house and I’m wondering why I couldn’t go the other way and use 4-5 long boards?

Janette in KS
I’d like to help my 86-years-young mother with updates to her home. She needs a new driveway as it is a trip hazard and her backyard deck which is deteriorating. Which would be the best to start out on and how do I know which contractors will be honest?

Debby in LA
What should I do to prepare my deck and porch, as well as banisters to be repainted? Some of the paint is peeling. What type paint would be best for the deck and the banisters?

Tina in IL
When replacing a shower head, or arm, are you not supposed to turn the water off somewhere before doing this project? I have watched a number of different people doing this project and no one says anything about making sure to turn water off first.


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