How to Resurface Concrete with Glue Residue

resurface concrete
Glue residue is unsightly at best. Learn how to resurface that ugly concrete.

Here’s a question from our 5/18/2019 Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Randy from Tennessee is renovating an outdoor area adjacent to his home and has a question about an old concrete patio.

He says, “We bought this house about two years ago and it was built in 1972. It was a model house for a subdivision that really never got off the ground. But we’re into it now and we’re starting to do some renovations and most of our renovations have been outside.

“We added a pool area and there is a back porch that is adjacent to the pool and we are wanting to do something to the concrete. And what we had noticed is that it has been painted, but the paint is coming up, and we are seeing glue.

“So my question is, what’s the best, as far as just repaint that? Or do I need to sand this back down to the concrete?”

Listen above for the answer!


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