Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | February 15, 2020

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Today’s Homeowner Radio

National Gypsum Soundbreak XP Drywall
SoundBreak XP is superior sound dampening drywall.
How to Retrofit Drywall to Practically Soundproof Your Home: Cathy needs help soundproofing a wall in her townhome. We recommend that Cathy look into National Gypsum’s Soundbreak XP Drywall. On the wall that she shares with her neighbors, she can add Soundbreak directly on it after removing outlets and trim.  
Adding Support to a Basement Beam: A beam in Rich’s basement is pushing a block, causing cracks to form on the outside of his house. We tell Rich the vertical load on the beam is pushing the block out.  If the beam itself is putting a lot of pressure on the wall then he should get an adjustable post along the beam to support it. That way it won’t be putting too much pressure on the bulging block. The adjustable post should cost him $60-$65.  
How to Add Molding When Your Vents Are Too High: David wants to add crown molding but there’s a problem. The position of the vents is right under the ceiling. We recommend David bring the molding right to the vent’s grill then turn it back to the wall.  

Checking in with Chelsea

DIY Shoe Rack
Create a custom-built shoe rack for your closet.
Custom Build Your Own Shoe Rack: Chelsea Lipford Wolf explains how you can create a custom shoe rack that will fit perfectly inside your closet.

Simple Solutions

How to Keep Your Putty Knife Clean After Every Use: Before using your putty knife to spread joint compound, wood glue or construction adhesive, stick a piece of clear packing tape onto the blade.  Clean Baseboard Heaters for Improved Air-Flow: Here’s how to dramatically improve the flow of heat from water baseboard heaters. 

Best New Products

High and Mighty Picture Hanger is great for hanging heavy objects without the need of a stud
Hang heavy pictures or artwork without a stud.
Hang up to 125lbs Worth of Art on a Wall Without a Stud: It never fails. When you’re hanging a lightweight print or photograph, there’s a stud right where you need to put the nail. But start to hang a heavy mirror or clock and the studs are nowhere near where you need them. This is scary. You don’t want that mirror to come crashing down on someone, so you wrestle with wall anchors and toggle bolts. But not anymore. The High and Mighty Picture Hanger hangs heavy duty items without the need for tools or any of that hardware. 

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  1. I love your show . . I wished I lived in your area as I need help . I am 80 years old .
    The block wall in my garage is cracking in the mortar joints . Oh by the way , I am a women . The wall that’s cracking has a home higher than mine and I’m thinking it has a lot of pressure on it . I hope you have a show on with this problem . Thanks for listening . Warm regards , Harriet


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