Quikrete Walkmaker Giveaway Rules


  1. My father was my mentor growing up and is responsible for my success and happiness today. I owe him and my mother a wonderful tribute.

  2. Father’s Day , is special to me because I have 3 boy’s that do not have Father;s.So I must teach them how to fix things when they are on their own in life.

  3. My husband has loved Ryobi tools forever and has always tried to give me whatever I needed done in our home. He’s had a lot of his power tools damaged this last winter because shed leaked. Giving him new tools would mean a lot to us both.

  4. Love the show, look forward to it every week. Just wish it came on another time other than Sunday morning during church time.

  5. Father’s Day is special to me, because it is the day I honor the man who introduced me to my love of DIY. I was an only child and was my sweet father’s best son and number one assistant. As I grew up, I still helped him, even to build his retirement home. Three years ago, just after his passing, I purchased a house that should have been demolished. I t took me 10 months, working all day, every single day, to make it habitable, and am I still pouring love into it. My Daddy would be proud of me and the “tiny estate”.
    Every time I reach for a tool, hand or power, I think of the man who passed his knowledge and passion for “fixing” to me, my Daddy.

  6. My father passed away on 11/04/2017. No mater what type of homeowner problem came up, he always had a solution to repair and prevent it from happening again.
    Whenever I was going to attempt to do a home repair on my home I would tell him what I was going to do and my plan on getting it done. He would always listen to my ideas and if he knew of a better or faster way of doing it he would explain his ways in detail so that I understood it fully.
    If he thought it was a project or repair that was more than I could do by myself he always offered to help. I always welcomed and appreciated. I will always remember the love he showed by his actions.
    He is now with my mother now and I know is a happy man once again.

  7. My neighborhood has a homeless problem and my stuff is starting to disappear so winning this would help me help our community with showing which ones are thieves

    • Sorry to hear about the thefts, Darice! Did you enter the sweepstakes on the Facebook page in the designated comments box?

  8. Living in SWFL the number of break-ins and robberies have skyrocketed I’d love to have a device like this at my front door, where I can see who’s there. Additionally, if you can talk back to them, it’s far less likely they would break in if they thought someone was home. Thanks for continuing great advice and entertainment.

  9. I think we live in a secure nighborhood but you never know. This monitor would be a great way to see what is going on when we are not home.

  10. Ya’ll got a great show. Of course Ya’ll a bit crazy, or I wouldn’t watch. It’s one of my highlights on Sunday mornings at 5:30 a.m. Keep on keeping on!!

  11. I have old windows and a very old front door that has gaps! Until I can replace them this winterizing kit would come in handy! The tips you give are always helpful!

  12. I live in Ohio and winter is coming this kit would come in handy! I have old windows and old front door that has gaps leaving cold air in until I can replace them! The tips you give are always helpful!

  13. My Daughter, Granddaughter and I live in an older mobile home. We have old leaky windows that I cover every year with Duck brand kits. I could use a free kit to get ready for winter.


  15. Our windows are old and drafty and we could sure use this. Now that we are getting older and not in good health, the cold air bothers us. Thanks for your help.

  16. A battery operated blower would help me with clearing my deck and yard of leaves. I need something light b/c I have to balance against my O2 tank. Thank you.

  17. Before any repairs are done, my husband first tries to fix it himself. Most things he can do better than the “pros” we hire. This is a great giveaway to encourage DIY.

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  18. Thanks everyone at Today’s Homeowner and WoodCraft Tools! I hope everyone has an amazing and healthy holiday season.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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