QUIKRETE Leverages QR Codes, Mobile Site, How-To Videos

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QUIKRETE Scan to View QR Tag, Building a Block Wall VideoMore and more, consumers are looking to the Internet and mobile devices for help when it comes to do-it-yourself projects, including concrete and masonry building and repair. The QUIKRETE Companies, the leading resource for all things concrete, are striving to reach consumers where they go to find information about products and projects.

In addition to its popular website, QUIKRETE.com, the company is utilizing more than 25 new how-to videos, Quick Response (QR) codes and a mobile website to answer consumer product questions and provide project videos and advice.

Set Posts Without Mixing InstructionsThe videos, which range from two to five minutes in length, are designed to make users feel comfortable tackling concrete projects and are now available on QUIKRETE.com, on YouTube and through the company’s new mobile website. The videos cover product selection, surface preparation, mixing and application instructions, and other useful tips to help achieve a successful project.

At the completion of each video, users are provided with project instructions, a quantity calculator and a shopping list. QUIKRETE has also placed QR codes on print advertisements, product packaging, and on retailer bin tags everywhere QUIKRETE is sold.

“Our goal is to enhance consumers’ experience at the point of sale,” said Frank Owens, QUIKRETE’s vice president of marketing. “Not only are QR codes helpful to consumers, we find them helpful because it allows us to see what projects consumers are most interested in learning more about, and we can use that insight to tailor our approach moving forward.”

In addition to these new consumer resources, QUIKRETE also publishes regular e-newsletters for both consumers and concrete professionals. To receive the newsletters, visit the QUIKRETE website to sign up.

QUIKRETE concrete experts are available weekdays by calling the company’s Technical Center at (800) 282-5828.

For more information about all things concrete, visit QUIKRETE.com.


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