Creating a clean, on-trend look when replacing balusters just got easier. L.J. Smith® Stair Systems has introduced a new Concealed Iron Baluster Installation Kit, making it simpler for homeowners to tackle the DIY project of installing half-inch hollow square iron balusters.

“A popular practice these days is to remove some (or all) of the old balusters on a stair system to gain a new look in the home,” says Craig Kurtz, president of L.J. Smith Stair Systems. “Oftentimes homeowners change from older-style wooden balusters to newer iron balusters. This gives the entire stairway an upgraded appearance.”

Easy to Install

According to Kurtz, the DIY kit can be used for both open treads and level runs on a stairway. There are no adhesives or shoes involved. After removing the older baluster, homeowners simply slide the plastic insert into the bottom of the hollow trimmed iron baluster. Then, the dowel screw is installed into the tread. The plastic insert and baluster are then screwed onto the tread surface, creating a tight bond.  

Each kit includes a tapered plastic insert, dowel screw and instructions. The kits can be used with more than 25 styles of square-designed hollow iron balusters offered by L.J. Smith in Low Sheen Black, Matte Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Oil Rubbed Copper.

“Whether you choose to replace just a few balusters or all of the balusters, this kit makes the task go smoothly,” says Kurtz. “With just the square baluster coming in contact with the tread surface you’re creating a much cleaner appearance for the overall stairway.”

In Demand

Kurtz emphasizes that requests for iron balusters, combined with wooden handrails and treads, continue as a strong trend in the industry.

“Mixing metals and woods is a popular design element throughout the entire home,” says Kurtz. “Think about wood beams with metals straps on a ceiling or stylish wooden kitchen cabinetry with metal hardware accents.

“The new Concealed Iron Baluster Installation Kit makes it possible for anyone to add sleekness and style to the stairway as a way to complement the other interior design elements of the home.”

L.J. Smith, a Novo Building Products Company, offers a wide variety of products including wooden and ornamental iron balusters. For more information, visit

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