Tips to Tidy Up Your Roof and Gutters

In the fall, your yard and gutters see more leaves and limbs littered over the yard. 

If a storm rolls through, you can expect debris-filled lawns. Here are some helpful cleanup tips.

Fallen debris on these areas can cause some serious damage to a home:

  • Roof
    • Wet branches and leaves keep moisture in contact with shingles, tiles or metal sheets on your roof, and this water will find ways to penetrate the roof if left sitting.
  • Gutters

Trimming back trees in the fall leaves you with less mess for the rest of the season. Here’s how to get the job done:

  • If a storm hits, inspect trees and powerlines first.
  • Be cautious around damaged trees and broken limbs — prune broken limbs back to a healthy branch
  • For taller trees and thicker limbs, consider calling in a professional — especially if branches are dangerously close to power lines.

Here’s why it’s important to clean up debris from your yard and lawn:

  • Leaves and organic debris can harbor fungi, bacteria and overwintering insects.
  • Leaves can become matted and moldy, smothering the ground.
  • Fallen branches can create traps.
  • When you add all of these to a compost pile, these ingredients are transformed into the world’s best plant nourishment.
  • If a storm hits, separate various debris into three piles for easy cleanup — vegetation, garbage and construction waste.

Watch the video for more information!

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  1. I’ve always cleaned my own gutters but as I’m getting a little older I feel this is a job I will have to pay for. I wouldn’t dream of leaving them uncleaned since I’ve seen first hand what a difference it makes to long term maintenance costs.

    Teddy – Tacoma WA .


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