Why You Should Use Cleaning Products with No VOCs

Assorted house cleaning products, spray bottles and sponges

It’s more important than ever to clean and disinfect your home to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

And, that means the first step for a lot of families is to reach for the cleaning products. The thing is – cleaning products can be a problem, as they emit all sorts of Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs.

With enough exposure, some of these compounds can cause a variety of health effects from headaches and nausea to even liver and kidney damage.

Young children, elderly, and people with asthma are usually more susceptible to the health effects VOCs can cause.

That means it’s important to always have plenty of fresh air flowing when you use cleaners, disinfectants and aerosol sprays with high levels of VOCs.

Use your bathroom ventilation fans and the kitchen range hood and the heating and cooling systems to help rid the house of airborne contaminates if you can.

If not, open the windows and clear the air that way. You can also choose Low or No-VOC cleaning products for use in your home, or you can make your own.

Next time you need an all-purpose cleaner just grab some white vinegar. Vinegar is great for cleaning a variety of surfaces and it does the job with a much lower impact on the air quality inside your home.

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