Sponge Steam Cleaning

Kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse – everything from spills, smoke from cooking, natural oils on our hands, even contact with our pets. All these things start taking their toll, and soon the cabinets just don’t look their best. Here’s a great tip for quick and easy cleaning right down to the pores.

Take a regular kitchen sponge, and run it under water. Wring it out so that it is only damp. Place the sponge in your microwave, and heat it on the high setting for about 20 seconds. Be sure to put on a pair of rubber gloves to remove the sponge, because it will be hot.

Using your favorite citrus cleaner – and I like the orange-based ones – spray it on the cabinets, and scrub it down with the steamy sponge. The combination of the heat and citrus will cut right through all the grime, and leave your cabinets looking new and smelling great.


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