Green Gobbler’s New Way to Clean and Deodorize a Sink

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Keep your kitchen sink smelling great with Green Gobbler’s Lemon Scented Bio Flo Drain Strips.(DepositPhotos)

One of the things we love about our kitchens are the great smells that fill the room when something good is cooking.

Frying bacon smells great on Sunday morning, but the grease it leaves in the kitchen sink doesn’t smell so good later in the week.

That’s why Green Gobbler created their Lemon Scented Bio Flo Drain Strips. You simply insert one strip into the pea trap of the sink and it slowly releases a powerful blend of enzymes to digest and liquefy food, grease, soap scum, sludge and other organic matter that tends to clog drain lines.

The result is a clean, deodorized drain that works more efficiently. And, the strips are safe to use in all sink, tub and shower drains.

Plus, they’re beneficial for septic tanks.

Order Green Gobbler Lemon Scent Bio Flow Drain Strips from The Home Depot

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