The 9-to-5er’s Guide to Keeping the Home Clean

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Picture this: It has been a long day at work and you arrive home feeling too exhausted to do anything. All you want to do, perhaps, is take a warm shower and nap before embarking on anything else.

But you should never be too tired to tidy up your house!

Here are cleaning tips that will turn your house into a clean haven:

1. Write a to-do list

Have you heard the expression, “See it, believe it, achieve it?” We’re one step closer to doing something once we’ve written it down. That’s why a to-do list is crucial to setting a successful cleaning schedule.

Some chores need to be performed daily, weekly or monthly. Dish-washing and making the bed are performed daily. Vacuuming can be done weekly or monthly. Don’t commit yourself to vacuum your floor daily, because that’s unlikely to happen. Heavy chores such as cleaning the oven and shampooing the carpet can be done annually.

2. Set a morning and evening routine

Mornings and evenings are the best times for 9-to-5ers to clean the house. Start your day by neatly making your bed before going to the kitchen to empty the dishwasher as you make coffee. Load your laundry and take some time to walk around the house to pick up trash. In the evenings, wash clothes and the dishes and wipe key areas such as the bathroom and tables.

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