Choosing Tool Gifts for the Holidays

With the holiday’s right around the corner, I bet you’ve got some pretty good ideas on what should be on your wish list this year. Maybe it’s a new circular saw or miter saw. Even a new router or drill press is just the right gift idea. But before you top the list with those nicer, “big toy” items, now’s the time to take a look at the smaller work horses in your tool box…there you might find some good ideas to pass along to your loved ones.

Start by dragging out all of your screwdrivers. Do you like the handles on your set? Would you rather have a rubber grip for easier handling or do you like plastic grips? What about sizes? Can you get into all those tight spaces with the ones you’ve got? Do you have five Phillips heads but only two Flat heads? Maybe it’s time to update or upgrade your screwdriver set. The best part is these sets can be found at great prices…usually just under $30.

Now, what about a hammer? Do you like the feel and weight of the one you have? Is the wooden handle cracking or is the rubber grip fraying? Maybe a 22-ounce weight is more than you should be swinging and a 16-ounce hammer would be better for your projects. And if you use brads instead of finish nails on your projects, maybe a tack hammer would be a great addition to your tool box. The best part is you can find a quality hammer for around $25 or so.

Pliers are another tool that I often reach for when working around the house. But they are each different and depending on the task at hand, you should have a variety of pliers to choose from. Tongue and groove pliers are perfect for quick adjustments and nothing beats long, needle nose pliers for bending wire or getting into “hard to reach” areas. Diagonal pliers for cutting wire are great to have on standby, too. Most pliers can be bundled in a set which is perfect for gift giving.

Other great gift ideas for filling up the stocking could a new tape measure…I like the one that has about a 10-foot standout before it bends and now you can get one that measures out to 40 feet. A new torpedo level is another little tool that can easily slide into the stocking and is so handy to have when your projects call for absolute perfection. And who can resist a new stud finder! All of these gift ideas range from about $30 and under depending on function or size.

Last but not least, where are you going to store all of these new gifts? Is your old toolbox worn out or falling apart? Everybody could use more storage to keep all their tools clean, rust free, and organized. There are so many options and styles available now that can fit into everyone’s holiday budget.

So, there you go! These ideas may not be the big ticket items that many folks want for the holiday’s, but I can assure you, these are the ones that are going to serve you most in all those projects you have coming up, and you’ll be proud how well each one turned out!


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