Repairing a Water Stained Ceiling in Your Home

Unsightly water stains on ceilings are often the result of a leak in your roof or plumbing. Before repairing the water stain, be sure to fix the leak so the stain doesn’t reappear and to prevent further damage to your home from rot and mold.

To repair the water stain on a ceiling, prime the spot using a spray can of stain blocking primer that can be applied vertically. If the color of the primer doesn’t match the ceiling, apply a matching color ceiling paint.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information


To cover up a water stain on a drywall ceiling, you have to first prime over the area with a stain blocking primer. The kind in a spray can with a vertical nozzle works best for ceilings, especially the ones with acoustic texture on them. Once the area is primed, if the color still doesn’t match you’ll need to paint it with a matching color, which often means recoating the entire ceiling to get an even finish.


  1. do you have any helpful hints on cutting out damaged ceiling areas and how to fix? As well as trying to make the ceiling patterns similar?

  2. I have applied one coat on a stain block paint over brown water stains but they are still visible, is this normal and will emulsion now cover the brown stains?


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