How to Install a Paddle Ceiling Fan

Paddle ceiling fans are a great way to keep you cool while saving energy. They’re available in a range of styles and finishes to suit any décor.

To install a ceiling fan in your home:

  1. Turn off the power to the existing light fixture at the circuit breaker box.
  2. Remove the old light fixture by taking off the globe, removing the light bulbs, loosening the screws that hold the fixture in place, and detaching the electrical wires.
  3. Double check the wires with an electrical tester to make sure there is no current in the wires.
  4. If needed, reinforce the electrical box in the ceiling so it will support the extra weight and movement of the fan.
  5. Assemble your ceiling fan, following the directions that came with it.
  6. Determine whether the ceiling fan and light will be controlled by a single switch or separate switches.
  7. Follow the wiring diagram included in the instructions to attach the electrical wires to the fan, making sure the wire nuts connecting the wires are secure.
  8. Hang the fan motor on the ceiling.
  9. Assemble the fan blades and attach them to the motor.
  10. Attach the light kit, globs, and bulbs to the fan.
  11. Turn on circuit breaker and test fan, light, and switch.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. You left out a lot of very important information here. First of all, a ceiling box that is specifically rated for ceiling fans is REQUIRED. To comply with electrical codes, you CANNOT simply reinforce the existing ceiling fixture box. It does not contain the necessary parts that safely allow a ceiling fan to be attached to it. Therefore, you must go into the attic in order to replace the ceiling box. Also, I highly recommend operating the fan and light separately from the wall, rather than using any pull-chains which often break within a year of usage. Therefore, the switch box will also need to be replaced. A 2-gang box will be used to replace a single switch box. Since separate operation requires two hot wires, the 14/2 cable feeding the ceiling box will need to be replaced with 14/3. Wire the black for the fan, red for light, and white common neutral. After installing the fan, cut the light chain off while the light is on. Then cut the fan chain off while fan is on HIGH. In the switch box, connect a standard switch to the red wire, and a fan speed knob to the black.

  2. Someone must have pulled the speed chain to hard. An electrician told me to order new pull string casing or assembly.
    Westminster Hunter Douglas model 53157. How do I order or purchase.

    • Hi, Andrea, features home improvement advice from the nationally syndicated TV show “Today’s Homeowner” and its experts.
      We don’t sell construction products on this website, but we encourage checking your local The Home Depot for these materials.
      Good luck, and thanks for your question!

  3. Hi,

    My Remote on the Hampton Bay fan has been working for years. All of a sudden it quit working. Replaced the battery and no help.

    Do these remotes die ? There are 4 toggle switches in back. I tried a lot of combinations from the original(3 up 4th down) and still no light or fan working. Help ?



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