Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Wood picture ledge

DIY Picture Ledge: How to Create Stylish, Space-Saving Displays

A picture ledge is an attractive, space-saving way to display framed pictures and wall art. Watch how easy it is to build one!
Cracked concrete walkway beside a tree in a southern Alabama neighborhood

Concrete Repair Made Easy: DIY Fixes with Quikrete

Cracked concrete distracts from your home's curb appeal. Here's how you can easily repair concrete surfaces with affordable Quikrete products.
Lockly home security video doorbell uses new technology to make homes safer and smarter.

Lockly’s Smarter, Safer Home Security Option For Your Doors

It was just a matter of time before smart home devices started blending — like this video doorbell and deadbolt.
Mid-century modern light fixture with a ceiling medallion

How to Install a Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling medallions are great for camouflaging drywall flaws around a light fixture. Learn how you can install one yourself.
Thanksgiving buffet on plastic table topped with a homemade wood covering.

How to Build a Rustic Table Top

Keep a folding table or two in storage for buffets? Here's how to dress that table top up and make it blend in with your furniture!
Beautiful black and white shower curtain hanging from a rod installed on the ceiling

How to Install a Ceiling Mount Shower Curtain Rod

Installing a ceiling mount shower curtain rod is a simple way to make your bathroom look taller. It also makes a small bathroom look bigger.
Joe Truini displays a trash can he installed inside a cabinet

The Simple Way To Hide Your Bathroom Trash Can

Every bathroom needs a small trash can, but there never seems to be a place to put it where it's not in the way.
Closeup of wallpaper removal

The Easy Recipe to Remove Wallpaper

So many homeowners dread removing wallpaper. Watch this video to learn about a recipe that makes the job much easier.
Cafe lights, seen over a patio umbrella near a home with vinyl siding

How to Create Paver Columns for Outdoor Lighting

These paver columns are an attractive gateway to your patio, and each column supports a metal post for mounting outdoor lighting such as cafe lights.