Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Refinished and repaired metal handrails on porch.

How to Repair and Paint Metal Wrought Iron Handrails

Wrought iron handrails are durable, but they need painting and repair from time to time. Watch this video to find out how to go about it.

How to Insulate Windows to Keep Out the Cold

Installing insulation kits on windows can save energy on heating and cooling by providing an insulating barrier and keeping out drafts. Watch this video to find out how.
Rotten door casing and jamb caused by water damage.

Do It! How to Remove and Replace Exterior Door Casing

The casing around outside doors often begins to rot at the bottom and needs to be replaced. Watch this video to find out how to remove and replace door casing.
Leaking roof flashing around a chimney full of leaves

How to Repair Leaking Chimney Roof Flashing

Roof flashing around chimneys can pull away from the brick, allowing rainwater to leak inside the house. Watch this video to find out how to repair leaking chimney flashing.
Driving screws with a cordless drill

How to Choose the Right Drill for Driving Screws

Drills for driving screws come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and types. Watch this video to find out which drill is best to use for what job.
Ryobi circular saw, as seen on an episode of Today's Homeowner TV.

How to Choose the Right Power Saw for the Job

Power saws are essential tools for many home improvement projects. Watch this video to find out which type of power saw is best to use on different jobs.
Sharpening a lawn mower blade with a file

How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade

To keep your yard looking its best, the lawn mower blade needs to be sharp. Watch this video for tips on how to sharpen a lawn mower blade.
Danny Lipford putting the finishing touches on wood window casing around window.

How to Dress Up a Drywall Window Return with Wood Casing

Watch this video to find out how to dress up drywall window returns by installing stock wood window casing molding around the opening.
Deck with Trex composite decking.

Replacing a Wood Deck with Composite Decking

Composite decking is a low maintenance alternative to wood decking that’s easy to cut and install. Watch this video to find out about installing composite decking.