Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Joe and Audra Essig's patio, after the makeover

Transforming a Worn-Out Patio with Recycled Materials

We're making over homeowners Joe and Audra's patio with recycled materials. This project is both budget-friendly and eco-friendly!
Farmhouse makeover photo, after

Fixing Up a Farmhouse Front Porch

We're preserving this 1901 farmhouse's historic charm and adding some touches to make it more beautiful.

How to Transform a Garage into a Teen Hangout

When you need a hangout space for teenagers more than you need a place to park the car, it's time to repurpose the garage.
Paver patio with pergola and picnic bench

Filling a Backyard with a Paver Patio and Pergola

Tom and Lauren's backyard was bare, but now it has a paver patio with a pergola, swing set, picnic table and lush landscaping.
Faux shiplap fireplace with mantel and candle on accent table

Living Room Gets Rustic Renovation

When your house lacks the right character for your family, it's time for a rustic renovation.
Dining room 'after' shot following painting and the addition of wood paneling

Lightening and Brightening the Dining Room

Andy and Leigh Dale love their 1960s home— but nobody's crazy about the dining room. We have a plan to fix it!