Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Danny Lipford with rental texture sprayer

Guide to Renting Specialty Tools for Home Improvement Projects

Every do-it-yourselfer needs a good set of tools to get the job done, but sometimes it makes more sense to rent tools that you don’t use very often, rather than buying them. Watch this video for a guide to specialty tools to rent for your next home improvement project.
Completed sunroom on back of house.

How to Add a Sunroom Addition to Your Home

These homeowners are adding a sunroom addition to take advantage of the beautiful view on the back of this house. Watch this video to see the unique challenges a sunroom addition poses, from reinforcing the walls to handling the added heating and cooling needs.
Danny Lipford in room with recessed ceiling

Specialty Ceilings for Your Home

Specialty ceilings have become increasingly popular in recent years and are available in a range of styles, including vaulted, recessed, and coffered. Watch this video to find out about the many ceiling options available for your home.
Completed workshop

How to Design the Perfect Workshop

Whether you’re a dedicated woodworker or weekend DIY enthusiast, every homeowner needs a place to work. Watch this video to find out how to design a workshop for your home, from wiring and lighting to workbenches and dust collection.
Allen Lyle and Danny Lipford at the International Builders' Show

Building Products from the International Builders’ Show 2008

The 2008 International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida, featured a wide range of innovative new building products for your home. Watch this video to find out about everything from caulking and siding to window and door locks.
New deck added to back of home

How to Add a Deck or Enhance a Patio on Your Home

Decks and patios are great for outdoor entertaining. Watch this video to see how to add a deck from the ground up, as well as how to upgrade your existing patio to give it a whole new look.
Completed budget kitchen remodel

Remodeling a Kitchen on a Budget

Watch this video to see how to remodel a kitchen yourself without spending a fortune by refinishing the existing cabinets and replacing the doors, drawer fronts, countertops, sink, and faucet.
Danny Lipford in eco-friendly green electric car

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Green Home

Making eco-friendly changes to your home and lifestyle can improve your health and help the environment. Watch this video to find out about green options including pervious paving, recycling, reusing, green building products, and conserving water.
Danny Lipford standing outside eco-friendly green home.

Improving Indoor Air Quality and Conserving Energy

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is good for the environment, but it can also improve your health and save money on utility bills. Watch this video to find out how to improve indoor air quality in your home and reduce the amount of energy you use.