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ph soil test with household items

How to Conduct Your Own Soil Test for pH Using Household Ingredients

Find out how to conduct your own simple soil test at home using common household ingredients, such as baking soda and vinegar, to see if the pH of the soil in your yard or garden is acidic or alkaline. Watch this video to find out more.

How to Kill Weeds Using Boiling Water

You don’t have to buy expensive herbicides to kill weeds in the cracks of a driveway or sidewalk. Simply pouring boiling water on the weeds will do the trick without toxic side effects.
Senior citizens fill SmartControl Scepter fuel containers.

Message to Aging Americans: Protect Your Hands

As an important aspect of Healthy Aging® Month in September, Scepter® reminds consumers to re-evaluate the products they use around the home.
Lush green lawn

How to Lay Sod and Plant Grass Seed in Your Yard

Sod is great for an instant lawn, but it can cost 10 times as much as grass seed and require more labor to install. Watch this video for some helpful tips on how to go about planting grass seed or laying sod in your yard. Watch this video to find out more.

Potted Seedling Humidity Helper

A good way to increase humidity around potted seedlings is to set a couple of seedling pots in a larger container of pebbles. The pebbles should be about fingernail size, and there should be just a small amount of water in the pebble container- enough to create humid conditions but not enough to touch the bottom of the pots.
Flashlights duct taped to stakes

How to Check the Layout of Landscape Lighting in Your Yard

Before installing landscape lighting in your yard, test the layout of the lights first to make sure they'll have the desired result. Watch this video for some simple, DIY tests to check landscape lighting.
Pine straw mulch around a tree.

How to Choose Mulch for Your Yard

Find out what type of mulch is best to use in different areas of your yard, from flower beds and paths to trees and shrubs. Watch this video to find out more.