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Bags of leaves in a yard

How to Recycle Autumn Leaves into Compost

Mulching is a natural way to build up soil and add nutrients, but if you let your leaves stay where they fall they can create a natural habitat for pests and some diseases. If you put your leaves in a compost pile you may notice that many are still intact while the vegetable matter is broken down.
Azaleas blooming in a garden

How to Plant Container Azaleas and Other Shrubs

Go ahead and buy those containers of azaleas. This makes planting them easy.
Stacking Firewood

This Is the Proper Way to Stack Firewood

Here’s a way to stack firewood to ensure it dries out quickly.
Greenhouse in the backyard

Pro Tips for Gardening in a Greenhouse

Setting up a greenhouse? These tips will help you gain maximum yields.
Red Rose Bush

How to Transplant Roses

Transplanting roses is trickier than transplanting other plant varieties. Here's how to do it.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garden

Spring may be one of the most beautiful times of the year, but it’s also when your garden needs most of your attention.Use...

How to Install Landscape Lights

Want to add ambiance to your yard? Add landscape lighting — it's easier than you may think!

7 Garden Fencing Ideas to Create a Backyard Paradise

If you’re looking to transform your space, the right fencing can turn your garden into a haven from the outside world. Here are 7 ideas for inspiration!
lawn mower grass

Why You Should Maintain Your Lawn

While a healthy, thick, deep-green lawn is certainly eye-catching, its attractiveness isn’t its only benefit.