Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Joe Truini with string and magnet stud finder

How to Find Studs Without a Stud Finder

Walls are a blank canvas to display your personality, but before you can hang anything, you must find the wall stud.
Baking soda pouring into soil mix

A Simple Way to Test Your Soil’s pH Value

Knowing your soil's pH value is necessary to keep your plants and grass thriving. Watch this video to learn how to easily test it.
“Today’s Homeowner” Simple Solutions host Joe Truini wraps an orange pool noodle around a saw horse before painting his interior door

How to Protect Woodworking Projects on Sawhorses

Painting interior doors? Use a pool noodle to create a temporary soft surface on your sawhorse. Watch this video for the Simple Solution!
Magnet in a bag attracts metal shavings from the bag's exterior

How to Pick Up Metal Shavings in Seconds

It doesn't get much easier than this! Here's how to pick up metal shavings — without a shop vacuum. 😎

How to Make a DIY Christmas Tree from an Old Wooden Pallet

Learn how to make a DIY Christmas tree from an old wooden pallet — featuring “Today’s Homeowner” Simple Solution host Joe Truini.
Joe Truini removing rust from tools

How to Clean Rusty Tools to Make Them Look Brand New

If your old tools are rusted or beginning to rust, don't throw them out! Here's how to clean them to look brand new.
Joe Truini with a sanding block as simple solution.

How to Smooth Ripped Boards’ Rough Edges with a DIY Sanding Block

Need to smooth a ripped board's edge? Make this easy do-it-yourself sanding block for perfect results! Watch Joe Truini’s Simple Solution.
Joe Truini demonstrating how to create a corner clamp simple solution.

How to Make a Corner Clamp for Woodworking Projects

Can you only clamp three of your woodworking project's corners? Make this easy corner clamp to secure the fourth one! Watch Joe Truini’s Simple Solution.
A 2x4 being slotted into a sawhorse to steady plywood.

How to Prevent Plywood from Sagging on Sawhorses

Have you ever noticed that, when you try to cut a sheet of plywood between two sawhorses, it sags in the middle? If so, here's a solution!