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Ask Danny: Ep. 13 | Top 5 Simple Solutions for Fall

This week, Today’s Homeowner Radio Show co-host Joe Truini offers his Top 5 Fall Simple Solutions.

How to Use Bar Clamps to Steady Woodworking Projects

While woodworking, it's not always possible to have an extra set of hands. Here's how to use bar clamps as outriggers to keep your wood in place.

Eliminate Paint Drip With This Lid Hack

Prevent paint from dripping down the side of the can by creating a built-in paint scraper! Watch this video for the Simple Solution.

How to Easily Cut Baseboard Trim Using an Oscillating Tool

Want to easily cut baseboard trim while using an oscillating tool? You'll need a little assistance. Watch this video for the Simple Solution.

How to Make a Stop Block For Longer Wood Cuts

A stop block makes repetitive cuts easy and quick, but sometimes they're too short for the cut you need. Here's how to extend that length.

DIY Seed Starter Made of Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream cones are great for starting seeds — they're biodegradable and you can easily transplant them into containers once the seedlings have sprouted.

Poison-Free Rat Control in Just Two Steps!

This Simple Solution for poison-free rat control will keep those pests out and pets safe. All you need are these two things.

Fast Fix for a Stripped Screw Hole

If your door hinges are loose and you can’t tighten your wood screws, your screw hole has become stripped. Try this Simple Solution.
Measuring tape with card clipped with binder

Easy Way to Take Accurate Inside Measurements

Getting accurate measurements for inside corners is easier than you may think. Watch Joe Truini's Simple Solution to get it right the first time!