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Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage: A Must for Homeowners Insurance

If disaster strikes, a basic policy might not be enough to provide peace of mind — you need guaranteed replacement cost coverage.

A Hurricane-Proof House Starts With These Materials

Hurricane-proof house products are seeing a dramatic increase in both acceptance and usage. Read to learn how they can help you be prepared.

How to Build Reusable Hurricane Panels

A major storm can cause serious damage to your home. To prepare for hurricane season, we're creating reusable panels to protect the windows.
Hurricane season

10 Hurricane Facts: Debunking the Most Popular Myths

Know the facts about hurricanes — that way, you can make informed decisions to protect your family before, during and after the storm. Here are the myths.
Water-damaged room, seen during cleanup, following Hurricane Katrina in 2005

Water Damage Cleanup: What to Save and Toss After a Hurricane

Hurricanes bring devastating winds, rainfall and floodwater. While you're tackling water damage cleanup, here's our guide on what to keep (and toss)!
Hurricane Sally preparation in Orlando, Florida

Hurricane Evacuation and Power Outage Checklist

Hurricane Sally is heading for the Gulf Coast with potentially life-threatening flooding, according to meteorologists. Now's the time for people in its path to decide whether to evacuate or ride out the storm.
Danny Lipford with a generator

Tips to Keep a Portable Generator Working Its Best

When storms hit, many homeowners break out their portable generators. Here’s what you should know to operate them safely.
Hurricane fabric panel installed over a window, plywood hurricane shutter leaning against side of home, and working wooden shutters attached to a window

Hurricane Shutters: The Best, Most Affordable Options

Protect your home from hurricanes by covering its most vulnerable areas — windows and doors. Here’s what you should know about hurricane shutters.

Hurricane Prep List: What You Should Do Before the Storm

It's hurricane season — how are you protecting your home? Tackle this hurricane prep list now, so you don’t have to worry about these things later.