Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | March 4, 2022

On this week’s show, we’re sharing some practical tips, plus some information on a new and trendy material for driveways.
Cracked concrete driveway

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | July 25, 2020

Cracked concrete driveways, efflorescence on the basement walls, gaps in the mortar — these things happen. Here's how to fix them.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | February 22, 2020

Today's Homeowner Radio Listener Questions

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | March 12, 2022

In this week’s radio show, we’re talking about removing a stone mantel, repairing broken trim in a double-window pane and ridding a pool deck of mildew.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | March 28, 2020

In this episode, Danny and Joe weigh-in on vacating your home after adding spray insulation. They also deliver tips for repairing a squeaky floor and keeping your porch cool in the summertime. Finally, they discuss pros and cons of adding pine straw to gardening beds, and, as always, deliver helpful Simple Solutions and the latest Best New Product.
National Gypsum Soundbreak XP Drywall

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | February 15, 2020

Need help soundproofing your home? This product keeps unwanted noises out! Also: a beam in Rich's basement is pushing a block, causing cracks to form on the home's exterior — learn what we can do about that, and more, here.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Podcast | October 15, 2022

Listen to learn about gable vent fans and hear why some contractors won't work with antimicrobial grout.
Paintbrush staining a wooden cabinet

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | March 13, 2021

You never know what problems you can run into when taking on home improvement projects. Luckily, we're here to help with any questions you may have!
Water droplets on a window in a dark room.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | February 20, 2021

Know what to do when your windows collect too much moisture? Listen to our tips on the Today's Homeowner Radio Show.