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Homefront Radio Show for April 14, 2012

Listen to and read about the April 14, 2012, Homefront with Danny Lipford radio show.
Crawl space vent, as seen on a brick home

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | June 19, 2021

The screen on your crawl space vent can deteriorate over time, and we've got the fix! Listen to the Today's Homeowner Radio Show for more information.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | June 18, 2022

This week, we're giving tips on how to refresh an old brick patio, repair chipped painted cabinets and remove shelf liner adhesive.
Rockwool insulation, as installed in a cellar

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | December 26, 2020

We've got tips about insulating your space, replacing a window with a door and cleaning up dog urine stains.
Roof Shingles

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | December 4, 2021

Listen to the Today's Homeowner Radio Show for the best home improvement advice!
Fertilized green grass in a backyard

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | April 10, 2021

Choosing the right fertilizer is the key to having a great-looking yard. Learn more about that in this Today's Homeowner Radio episode.
Removing checkered wallpaper from a wall.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | February 27, 2021

Removing wallpaper can be easy if you use the right tools. We will address these topics, and many more, on this episode of Today's Homeowner Radio Show.
Installing an AFCI outlet in a mid-century home

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | October 30, 2021

This week, we're starting The Today's Homeowner Radio Show with a funny (but also not funny) home improvement project involving electricity.
“Today’s Homeowner” Simple Solution host Joe Truini sprays Rain-X on his shower door to remove unsightly water spots.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | January 1, 2022

No matter how long you shower, you never feel completely clean if the enclosure is cloudy. We'll tell you how to clean it, and much more, in this episode.