Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

First Time Homeowner 2: Moving In

In the second of our six-part series, the paperwork is done, but the fun has just begun as our First Time Homeowner tackles much needed renovations before she can move into her new home. Whether it’s repairs or improvements, there’s a lot to learn!

Homefront Radio Show for January 14, 2012

Listen to and read about the January 14, 2012, Homefront with Danny Lipford radio show.

Rain Barrel

Looking for a way to water the garden without ever turning on the faucet? Listen to this tip to find out how to reduce your water usage by installing a rain barrel in your yard.

Water Heater Safety

A faulty hot water heater can be as dangerous as a ticking bomb in your home. Listen to this tip to find out how to test the pressure relief valve on your water heater.

Lawn Care and pH Levels

There's nothing that looks better than a well kept lawn. Listen for tips on how to make your grass the best looking on the block.

Ceiling Fans

Everyone knows that ceiling fans help cool you down this time of year, but which way should they turn? Listen to this tip to find out!

Choose the Right Grill

If you're looking for a new grill to fire up this year, listen to this tip to find out how to choose the grill that's right for you.

Landscape Water Use

Do you want a thick, green lawn without an outrageous water bill at the end of the month? Listen for tips on how to reduce outdoor water use.

Hot Weather Safety

Find out how to keep cool and avoid heat stroke when summer arrives in full force. Listen to this tip to find out more.