Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

Lock Upgrade

My original door had a screwdriver for a lock. See what I look like now with my new Schlage LiNK lock system.

Homefront Radio Show for August 20, 2011

Listen to and read about the August 20, 2011, Homefront with Danny Lipford radio show.

Unusual Deadbolt Lock Repair at Kuppersmith Project Home

Watch this video to see the unusual lock repair the homeowners did to the original deadbolt lock on the Kuppersmith Project house. When the latch on the lock broke off years ago, it was replaced with a Phillips head screwdriver which was attached to the doorknob with a string.
Entry to house after makeover with repaired railings, new door, and lighting.

Home Entry Makeover: Door and Stair Repair

See how we repaired and improved the look of an entryway, including repairing water damaged siding and step railings, and installing a new entry door and lock. Watch this video to find out more.
Keyless Entry Touchscreen Deadbolt from Schlage.

Keyless Entry Touchscreen Deadbolt

Watch this video to find out about the keyless entry touchscreen deadbolt with built-in alarm from Schlage.

Homefront Radio Show for October 16, 2010

Here are some of the highlights from the October 16, 2010, Homefront with Danny Lipford radio show.
Kuppersmith Project kitchen after renovation

Tips for a Family Friendly Kitchen

More than ever before, the kitchen is the center of family life in the home. One of my goals in renovating the Kuppersmith Project home was to make the kitchen as family friendly as possible by turning it into the focal point of activity in the home. Read on to find out some of the changes I made.
Building a deck.

Adding a Deck and Landscaping the First Time Homeowner House

Watch this video to see how we installed a pressure treated wood deck, landscaped the yard, and added a crushed limestone driveway to our First Time Homeowner house.
Danny Lipford in front of completed Kuppersmith project house renovation

The Kuppersmith Project 12: Landscape & Garage

The final touches are underway on the Kuppersmith Project before the decorators arrive. From landscaping and outdoor lighting to finishing the garage and installing door locks, my renovation of this historic 1926 home is almost complete.