Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

Adding a Deck, Patio, or Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor living areas are more popular than ever today. They can be constructed using a variety of materials—including wood, composite, brick, stone, or concrete—and designed to fit any lifestyle or budget. Read on to find out more.
Concrete and masonry sealer on paver driveway.

Sealing Concrete and Masonry Surfaces

Applying a concrete sealer can help protect and enhance the look of patios, porches, and driveways. Watch this video to find out more.

Homefront Radio Show for May 1, 2010

Here are some of the highlights from the May 1, 2010, Homefront with Danny Lipford radio show.
Woman adding Insulation

Correcting Compacted Insulation & Countertops 101

Danny and Joe talk to a homeowner who wants to know if he should get new insulation blown into his attic.
Smart home controlled by phone

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | April 25, 2020

In this week’s episode of the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show, we’re talking about smart home devices that make us ask, “What will they think up next?”

Mystery Musty Smell & Homemade Mosquito Trap

Today's Homeowner Radio“Mom your clothes stink!” That’s what a listener tells us she’s hearing all the time from her family. According to her hygrometer, humidity is high. What may be causing the smell and...

4 Seasons of Home Ownership: Spring

We're kicking off our 4 Seasons of Home Ownership with a fun family and some springtime chores. Homeowners Stuart and Sharla Brink get a crash course in basic home maintenance.
cracks in concrete

How to Repair Cracks and Resurface a Concrete Driveway

Most driveways and patios develop a crack or two in the concrete over the years. Rather than breaking up the slab and pouring a new one, you might want to consider repairing it using a concrete resurfacer. Watch this video to find out how.
Driveway sealed with QUIKRETE® Sealing Products

QUIKRETE Sealing Products

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Find out about QUIKRETE Sealing Products to protect your driveway, walkway, or patio from water damage.