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Quikrete outdoor concrete countertop for backyard paradise contest winner

How to Build an Outdoor Countertop

If your outdoor space needs a countertop, look no further than concrete mix to make one that's stylish and will stand the test of time.
Backyard paradise winner glassboro new jersey

Building a Backyard Paradise in New Jersey

On this episode of Today's Homeowner, we're in Glassboro, New Jersey to create a beautiful outdoor area for our Backyard Paradise contest winner.
Concrete patio with shade sail

How to Give New Life to an Old Concrete Patio

How do you give new life to an old concrete patio that's so worn that you can see rocks coming through the surface?
An open porch on a cute home in Mobile, Alabama

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | July 10, 2021

Are you wanting to restore and seal your open porch? Do you know what materials you need to do this? What about...
Removing checkered wallpaper from a wall.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | July 3, 2021

Listen to this episode of The Today's Homeowner Radio Show where we tell you how to remove painted-over wallpaper and more.
Pouring paint from can to tray

How To Paint a Metal Door | Ep. 125

What's the best process and paint to use for your metal door? Find out in this week's episode of the Today's Homeowner Podcast!
Concrete countertop

Concrete Countertops: Advantages, How to Make, and Pro Tips

Concrete countertops’ beauty, durability and versatility make them popular for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor living areas. Here's how to make one.
Gloved hand applying Quikrete Advanced Polymer Concrete Crack Sealant with caulking gun

Easy Concrete Crack Filler: Make Repairs in Minutes!

Seasonal changes and freeze-thaw cycles cause concrete to crack. Fortunately, there’s an easy concrete crack filler that makes surfaces look as good as new.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | June 12, 2021

Have you ever thought about how your tools and equipment are manufactured and how they perform before hitting the shelves? That's what we're talking about!