Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

Danny & His Crew Visit Indiana

The Today's Homeowner team traveled to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, to help the Sondag family, winners of our 2017, Win Danny and His Crew Contest, with their household to-do list.
Electrical outlet with a plug on fire

3 Hidden Electrical Fire Hazards in Your Home

Electronic appliances, equipment and wiring can create hazards and cause electrical fires, serious injuries and property damage. Here's how to avoid them.

Talking Electrical Safety with Leviton

Protecting your home from arc faults can prevent lost lives and property damage. Listen to learn how Leviton's AFCI outlets work and how you can get them.

Trends in Smart Home Technology

Today’s home technology delivers more than comfort and convenience to homeowners. Modern devices are smarter than ever, providing security, peace of mind, and energy and financial savings.

Safe and Healthy Home

We’re helping homeowners Aubrey and Tom Blizzard improve the indoor air quality in their home by installing a new range hood and bathroom exhaust fan, and helping keep them safe with AFCI electrical outlets, and more.
Well decorated living room with an AFCI electrical outlet located near the window

Why You Should Protect Your Home with AFCI Outlets

AFCI outlets play an important role in protecting your home from electrical fires. Here's why it's time to upgrade your home's outlets for peace of mind.
Today's Homeowner crew and contest winners standing around kitchen island with new Broan range hood.

Home Improvement Contest Winners 2015 Project

We’re helping contest winners, Anissa and Jerry Arnold, tackle their home to-do list, including downspout and shutter repairs and installing a new kitchen range hood. Watch this video to find out more.
Basement makeover with new drywall

Georgia Townhouse Gets a Basement Makeover

Our 'Win Danny and His Crew ' winner gets a basement makeover in Marietta, Georgia.
Electrical outlet with a plug on fire

Understanding AFCI and GFCI Outlets: What You Should Know

Arc-fault and ground-fault circuit interrupters offer protection from electrical hazards, but that — and their two buttons — is where their similarities end.AFCI and GFCI outlets help prevent electrical shocks and fires — a...