Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Leaves pile up in a GutterBrush leaf guard inserted in a gutter beside an asphalt shingle roof

Gutter Guards: The DIY-Friendly Guide to Maintaining Rain Gutters

Gutters and downspouts direct rain water from the roof to the ground, so it never touches your home. Here's why you need gutter guards to aid the process.

Customize Your Space

Whit and Andrea's home no longer meets their family's needs, so Danny and Chelsea show them how to customize their space.

Why Your Home Needs Full-Time Gutter Protection — and How to Get It

Gutters are only effective when clear — and Mother Nature ensures those occasions are rare. Here's how to protect them.

4 Seasons of Home Ownership: Fall 2017

We go through the 4 Seasons of Home Ownership fall checklist with Phillip and Kate DeKeyser to help them get their 1940s home ready for fall.
Danny Lipford on extension ladder preparing to clean gutters for winter.

Winter Home Prep Repairs and Improvements

See how we prepared this house for winter, including repairing the siding and eaves, applying window film, and adding more insulation to the attic. Watch this video to find out more.

Hanging Holiday Lights

During the holiday season, I love to look at the lights. Listen for tips on how to put them up the right way.

Safe Christmas Tree

By now I’m sure many of you are already enjoying the sight and smell of a real Christmas tree in your home. Listen for tips on how to prevent a Christmas tree from drying out to keep your home safe.