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Podcast Personalities

Meet the personalities on the Today’s Homeowner Podcast.

Ask Danny | Ep. 18: Answers to Your Electrical Questions 

Jeremy Moore, owner of Lighthouse Electrical Designs, gives a crash course on what you need to know about your home’s electrical work.

Ask Danny | Ep. 17: Reflecting on 25 years of Today’s Homeowner TV

Scott Gardner, creative director for Today's Homeowner TV, joins me to look back on 25 years of producing the show.

Ask Danny | Ep. 16: Top 5 Simple Solutions for Bathroom Maintenance

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show co-host Joe Truini offers his Top 5 Simple Solutions for the bathroom.

Ask Danny | Ep. 15: Fire Safety Tips Straight From the Experts

Capt. Dwight Smith and Steven Millhouse with Mobile Fire-Rescue share their top fire safety tips for homeowners.

All About ROCKWOOL Insulation (Special Podcast)

In this special Today's Homeowner Podcast, we're talking all about stone wool insulation with Dan Edelman, ROCKWOOL’s National Business Development Manager.

Ask Danny | Ep. 14: Answers to Your Homeowners Insurance Questions

This week, Michelle Tennant from Erie Insurance answers some of the most commonly asked questions about home insurance.

Ask Danny: Ep. 13 | Top 5 Simple Solutions for Fall

This week, Today’s Homeowner Radio Show co-host Joe Truini offers his Top 5 Fall Simple Solutions.

Ask Danny | Ep. 12: Concrete Network’s Founder Answers Top Questions

This week, Jim Peterson with The Concrete Network answers some of your most-asked questions about concrete.

Ask Danny | Ep. 11: Keeping a Chimney in Tip-Top Shape

This week, Danny's chatting about chimneys with Mitchell Lovell, a second generation certified chimney sweep at Coastal Chimney Sweeps.