Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

The Basics of Repointing Brick | Ep. 173

Repointing brick repairs the mortar between them. Learn the basics and what to use on older homes in this week's podcast.

How to Make a Flag Holder Stay Put in Stucco | Ep. 172

Want to fly a flag from the side of your stucco home? Keep it flying high even during strong winds by doing when attaching the flag holder.
Brick paver patio. Left side shows a close-up view of patio with missing pavers. Right side shows wide shot of brick patio.

Tips for Replacing a Brick Paver Patio | Ep. 171

You have plenty of options to create a backyard paradise. In this podcast, we'll share tips for replacing a brick paver patio with something more modern.

Lower Your Utility Bill With a Dryer Vent Booster Fan | Ep. 170

If you have a roof vent for your dryer, a dryer vent booster fan can save you money and time when doing laundry. Here's how.

National Gypsum: Specialized Drywall for All Rooms

Not all drywall is created equal. Different areas of your home require different types of drywall.

Lawn Plug Aerators: How to Protect Your Sprinklers From Them | Ep. 169

Lawn plug aerators are a great tool to get your yard looking its best. But before you aerate, make sure your sprinklers won’t get damaged.

Metal Roofing: Protection in All Climates

In this special Today’s Homeowner podcast, I'm talking with Renee Ramey, Executive Director of the Metal Roofing Alliance. Learn more here!

What to Consider Before Removing Kitchen Soffit | Ep. 168

Kitchen soffits, or furr downs, were popular in kitchen design in the 1990s. Nowadays, people want that space above cabinets.

Replacing a Retaining Wall for an Attached Garage | Ep. 167

If you want to build an attached garage alongside your home, you can't repurpose a retaining wall. Here's what you need to do.