Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

Historic Concrete Home & Raised Bed Gardening | Ep. 13

Learn about the benefits of a raised garden bed and how to paint a concrete home.

Removing Mold & A Surprise Remodeling Project | Ep. 12

The best way to combat mold and a family wants to convert a spare room into a dance studio.

Spring Garden Prep & Painting Pro Tips | Ep. 11

Hear from paint professional Nick Slavik about common painting mistakes. Also, Garden enthusiast Julie Day-Jones talks with Danny and Joe about spring garden preps.

Finishing the Front Door & Shutting out Humidity | Ep. 10

A new homeowner wants her front door to stand out, but the stain isn’t soaking in. Why this is happening and what she can do to get her door looking great.

Problematic Painting & a Complete Home Remodel | Ep. 9

We’re tackling a pair of painting problems. Also, a homeowner is going through a complete remodel, but he's stumped when trying to install an outlet for his new mantle and aligning his bedroom doors.

How to Prevent Heat Loss & Tips to Update Dark Paneling | Ep. 8

A Nebraska homeowner's roof is the only one on his block without snow. We’ll talk about what's causing the heat, where it's coming from, and how to prevent it.

Dirt Floor Dangers & Installing Crown Molding | Ep. 7

Listen to learn about the different crown molding options out there, and what may best fit your home. Also, why a dirt floor in a crawl space may cause problems for your house.

Pallet Projects & Tips to Rip Wallpaper | Ep. 6

Pallet boards are DIY friendly and inexpensive to use — listen for some of our favorite pallet board projects! And: Living in a wallpaper nightmare? Don’t worry — you need just a few ingredients...
Man in overalls squats as he installs a white porcelain toilet

Danny’s Magic Toilet Trick & How to Touch-Up with Bondo | Ep. 5

A homeowner’s septic tank system has been running strong for over 20 years. Now, it' starting to flood. Why a new code requirement may be causing the tank to clog.