Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Scotch moving boxes and packaging tape

Moving Out the Right Way with 3M Products

In this special episode of the Today's Homeowner Podcast, Danny Lipford talks to Trevor Stromquist, Sales Manager at 3M, about how to make moving out easy.
Scotch cardboard moving boxes and tape, seen overhead

Moving Checklist: 5 Tips for a Smooth Move

Moving from one home to another signals a new beginning. Follow our moving checklist, brought to you by 3M, for a smooth move.

Easy Storage Solutions for a Small Laundry Room  

It's challenging to working in a small galley laundry room. Here are our suggestions for easy storage solutions.
Home staging featuring a kitchen tray with wine glasses

Home Staging 101: How to Attract Buyers to Your Home

Planning to list your home for sale? Consider the benefits of home staging before contacting a real estate agent. Here's our crash course!

Organizing with a Pro | Kandy Negus Interview

Kandy Negus with "Order Your Spaces" discusses how to let go and clear out the clutter this new year.
Bedroom closet with cubby holes for shoes and racks to hang shirts and jackets

9 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Storage

Does your home feel cluttered? These storage solutions will keep things organized, accessible and out of sight!
Upgraded kitchen, staged and ready for viewing by homebuyers

Tips to Stage a Home for Sale and Attract Buyers

Looking to stage your home? Here’s what you need to know to make an impact with buyers.

4 Staging Tips Before Renting Your Home

Follow these tips to get your house on and off the market fast.

7 Things to Consider Before Moving

Moving marks a new chapter in a homeowner's life, but before you decide to take the plunge, take time to examine your goals and motives.