Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
CFL light bulbs

Simple Ideas to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Before spending a lot of money to improve the energy efficiency of your home, be sure to do the simple, inexpensive measures first. Here are some ideas to consider. Make sure you have enough insulation in your attic and seal any gaps and cracks around the exterior of your home to reduce air infiltration.
Using a drill to attach pressure treated wood deck boards.

How to Maintain a Wood Deck

It’s important to regularly clean and refinish a wood deck to keep it looking good and prevent the wood from weathering or deteriorating over time.
Moss being removed from stones with scrub brush and bleach

How to Remove Moss from Walks and Steps in Your Yard

Moss growing on surfaces you walk on—such as sidewalks, stepping stone paths, decks, steps, or stairs—should be removed, since it can make them slippery and cause a safety hazard. Watch this video to find out how.
Using sandpaper to sharpen a chisel.

How to Sharpen a Chisel with Sandpaper

Find out how to put a sharp edge on a dull chisel the easy way using a piece of sandpaper. Watch this video to find out more.
Man in blue shirt laying tile on cement backer board on a plywood subfloor.

Tiling Over Concrete and Wood Floors

Watch this video for tips on how to lay ceramic or porcelain tile over concrete and wood subfloors.
Beautiful white kitchen sink cabinet, seen from the exterior, with modern pulls and wooden floor

How to Protect a Kitchen Sink Cabinet from Water Damage

Your kitchen sink cabinet shouldn't get wet, but it does. Watch this video to see how easy — and inexpensive! — it is to prevent water damage on the floor.
building garage counter top

How to Build a Countertop Garage Workbench

It’s always helpful to have extra counter space in your garage, even if you don’t plan on using it for a workbench. Watch this video to find out how to install a 24” wide countertop in your garage.

Tub Caulking Tips

When caulking around a tub, start by lining both sides of the joint with masking tape. After applying a bead of caulk, run the rounded edge of an expired plastic gift card along the joint to wipe off any excess caulking. Carefully remove the tape before the caulking hardens.