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Repairing wooden cabinet knob with toothpicks.

How to Fix a Stripped Wooden Cabinet Knob

Watch this video to find out how to fix a stripped wooden cabinet knob using toothpicks and glue.
Fan trellis

How to Make a Fan Trellis for Your Yard

A trellis is great for a wall or even a fence that needs a little something extra. Watch this video to see how to build a trellis for your yard.

Patching Large Holes in Drywall

While small holes in drywall can be repaired by filling the hole with spackling or joint compound, larger holes require a patch made from drywall. Watch this video to see how to repair a large hole in drywall using a drywall patch.

Installing Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring comes sanded and finished from the factory, eliminating much of the mess and time involved with installing traditional solid wood flooring. It can be held in place with nails or glue, depending on the type of surface it’s installed over.

How to Install Rain Gutters

Gutters serve an important function of directing rainwater away from the house to protect your siding, foundation and landscaping. Here's how to go about installing them.

How to Glue Wood Without Ruining the Grain

Tempted to grab a towel and wipe excess glue between joints? Resist the temptation! Here's a better way — and it protects the wood grain.
removing rust

How to Remove Rust From Tools Naturally

To remove rust from tools, combine salt and lemon juice in a container, then rub the solution on using steel wool or a scourging pad. The salt acts as an abrasive while the acid in the lemon juice cuts through the corrosion. For heavily rusted tools, allow the solution to remain on the surface for a few minutes first.

3 Ways to Make Christmas Decorating Easy

Do you want to get your home into the holiday spirit? Danny shares quick tips to do that in this segment from The Weather Channel.

Converting a Basement, Attic or Garage

Families grow, our needs change, and sometimes, we just need more room. Regardless of the reason, here are tips for converting a basement, attic or garage into living space.