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Where to Find the Best Roof Warranty

There are many types of roof warranties that cover installation errors or material defects. A home warranty covers roof leaks. See how to get a quote.

What Happened to Secure Home Warranty?

Secure Home Warranty has been out of business for several years. See what the company offered and what companies we recommend instead.

The Best Water Heater Warranty Coverage

A water heater warranty comes with your new product. After it expires, a home warranty can continue protection. See what company provides the best coverage.

Best Home Appliance Insurance (2022)

Home appliance insurance can save you time and money when it comes to repairing or replacing appliances and systems. Get a quote from a leading provider.
A white kitchen with blue chairs and wooden table.

5 Best Home Warranty Companies in California (2022)

The best home warranty companies in California protect the appliances and systems you use every day. See which company has the best warranty plan for you.

Is a SquareTrade Appliance Warranty the Best Option?

Learn more about the SquareTrade appliance warranty and its coverage, costs and plans in this comprehensive review.

Your Complete Guide to Lawn Care Services

Everyone wants a gorgeous, green lawn — but not everyone has time to do their own lawn care. This guide to lawn care services can help you choose the right team for your property.
Lawn Doctor Review: Stethoscope on green grass

Lawn Doctor Review (2021)

In this Lawn Doctor review, learn how the prominent nationwide provider of lawn care services stacks up against the competition.
Fresh green Bermuda grass, with a tree and bed of ornamental plants

The Basics of Lawn Maintenance

The trick to growing a thick, healthy lawn is no secret. In this guide to lawn maintenance, learn what you need to keep it looking good.