Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Applying a stucco finish to a concrete block wall

How to Build a Concrete Wall

Want some backyard privacy? A concrete wall is easy to build, durable, and blocks nosy neighbors.
Finger pointing to cracked drywall

5 Steps to Avoid Wall Cracks from Shifting Soil

Shifting soil causes cracks in your walls and could be a sign of structural issues in your home.
Mid-century modern light fixture with a ceiling medallion

How to Install a Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling medallions are great for camouflaging drywall flaws around a light fixture. Learn how you can install one yourself.
Dated wood paneling in a bedroom with unsightly carpeting

How to Fill Grooves Before Painting Wood Paneling

Wood paneling was popular in the 1970s; the trend has returned, but some folks want flat, timeless walls. Here's how to prep walls before painting paneling.
NanaWall opening glass wall door handle

NanaWall Opening Glass Walls Offer Copper Handles Due to COVID-19

Responding to COVID-19 concerns, NanaWall Systems will begin offering antimicrobial copper handles as an option for their opening glass wall systems.
Shiplap wall in house's entryway

The Easy Way to Install a Shiplap Wall

Want to give a room some instant texture and character? Just install shiplap on the walls — here's how to do it!
Smooth drywall corner bead

How to Repair Damaged Drywall Corner Bead

Outside corners on walls take a lot of abuse. Watch this video to learn how to replace damaged drywall corner bead.

Hang up to 125lbs Worth of Art on a Wall Without a Stud

When you're hanging a lightweight print or photograph, there's a stud right where you need to put the nail. But start to hang a heavy mirror or clock and the studs are nowhere near where you need them. This is scary. You don't want that mirror to come crashing down on someone, so you wrestle with wall anchors and toggle bolts. But not anymore.
Drywall installation project

How to Practically Soundproof Your Home

National Gypsum's Soundbreak XP is a superior choice for sound dampening a wall.