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DeWalt cordless drill with a brushless motor, pictured lying on its side

Solved: What does ‘Brushless Motor’ Mean?

The latest advancement in power tools is the use of brushless motors. Here's what you should know about the brushless motor and its benefits.

How to Choose The Best Portable Air Compressor

A portable air compressor is the best device for any household or construction site that uses pneumatic tools. Here's what you should know about them.
Wooden Skewers

Multi-Purpose Skewers

Wooden skewers used for barbecuing are handy to have around the shop.
broom on a wall

Handy Hang-It Hooks

Make a handy holder for push brooms, rakes, and other long-handled implements from two plastic pipe supports.

Color-Coded Cordless Tool Guide

If you’re having trouble matching batteries to their chargers, try this trick.

3 Ways to Enhance Sanding With an Orbital Sander

Here are three ways to enhance sanding with a 1/4-sheet orbital finishing sander.
Joe Truini reads from the tape measure

Take Notes With Your Tape Measure

One of the key steps in making accurate cuts is remembering the measurement once you get to the saw to make the cut. Rather than carrying around a notepad, try this.
Ice dam, as seen on the side of a home in the winter

Ice Dam Protection Using This Simple Tool

Daniel needs help preventing an ice dam from forming on his roof — here are our tips, and so much more, on this week's Today's Homeowner Radio Show.

How to Choose the Right Hand Saw for the Job

With so many types of hand saws out there, it's easy to get confused. Here are quick tips on how to choose the right hand saw for the job.