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As Seen on TV 2012: Infomercial Products Test

You’ve seen them advertised on TV, now find out if they really work! We put eight TV infomercial products for your home to the test to see if they actually live up to all their claims and hype. Read on to find out more.
Tip for Dividing a Board Into Equal Parts

Tip for Dividing a Board Into Equal Parts

Watch this video to see how to use a measuring tape or ruler and some simple math to divide a board or piece of plywood into equal parts.
bucket head wet dry vac

Innovative 5-Gallon Bucket Wet/Dry Vac

The Bucket Head wet/dry vac attaches directly to a standard 5-gallon plastic bucket to make an inexpensive shop vac for your home or garage. Reversing the hose allows the vacuum to double as a blower. The Bucket Head wet-dry vac is available at The Home Depot.
Drilling a pilot hole in a wood board.

How to Drive Screws in Wood Without Splitting

Watch this video for tips on how to keep from splitting wood when driving screws with a cordless drill by using a reversible drill driver bit, which combines a screwdriver bit with a drill bit and countersink.
Completed workshop

How to Design the Perfect Workshop

Whether you’re a dedicated woodworker or weekend DIY enthusiast, every homeowner needs a place to work. Watch this video to find out how to design a workshop for your home, from wiring and lighting to workbenches and dust collection.

Innovative Pump Unclogs AC Condensation Drain Lines

A clogged AC condensation line can result in water damage to your home, and may even cause your air conditioner to stop working. While you can clear the line using a shop vac, I recently discovered a product, called Mighty Pump, that is simple to use and keeps condensate lines flowing freely. Read on to find out more.

How to Create a Half-Lap Joint

In situations where two pieces of wood need to be tightly connected at right angles (for example constructing a wooden gate) a half-lap joint is ideal. Here are a few tips to make an easy half-lap joint.

Hinge Pin Door Repair

Danny demonstrates how to repair an interior door that keeps swinging open or closed. By putting pressure on the hinge pin and bending it slightly, the problem is solved.
Allen Lyle and Danny Lipford at the International Builders' Show

Building Products from the International Builders’ Show 2008

The 2008 International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida, featured a wide range of innovative new building products for your home. Watch this video to find out about everything from caulking and siding to window and door locks.