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Stunning Portland, Oregon home with metal roof, seen from the backyard, with red lounging chairs on the grass.

Portland, Oregon Home Wins Metal Roofing Competition

A renovation in Portland combines performance and aesthetics. That’s why it won the Metal Roofing Alliance’s Best Residential Metal Roofing competition.
MRA Metal roof on a home

Metal Roofing 101: MRA Launches New Educational Resources for Homeowners

New videos focusing on the performance and sustainability benefits of metal roofing are available for homeowners through the Metal Roofing Alliance.

Keeping Your Home Protected with a Metal Roof

Why you should consider picking a metal roof for your home

Panama City Home Named Top ‘Survivor’ After Facing Hurricane Michael

This Panama City home's metal roof withstood Hurricane Michael in 2018 — and may have saved lives.

Prepare Your Home: Wildfire Protection Season Starts Now

Wildfire season is coming, and experts say it’s likely to be intense this year. Here's what you can do to get the best wildfire home protection.