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Longer Lasting Spackling Paste

Drywall repairs don’t usually involve a lot of hard work, they just take forever because of the drying time required for most sparkling compounds. Dap’s new Fast Dry Spackling Paste aims to change that.
Ask Danny

How to Remove Drywall on Tongue and Groove Paneling

John asks, “Is there an easy way to remove drywall from tongue and groove paneling?”

If the drywall wasn't glued down, it should be easy to remove, though it will be messy. Read on to find out more.
Using sponge to bend drywall hole repair.

How to Make Minor Repairs to Walls Before Painting

When painting a room in your home, you’ll probably have to repair the damage caused by picture hangers or nails. Watch this video to find out how to repair holes in walls .