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How to Remove Drywall on Tongue and Groove Paneling

John asks, “Is there an easy way to remove drywall from tongue and groove paneling?”

If the drywall wasn't glued down, it should be easy to remove, though it will be messy. Read on to find out more.

Protecting Walls from Pets

Leanna's sheetrock walls are taking daily beatings from her dogs. She wants to know if there is a protective paint product that can stand up to her pets.
Danny Lipford with homeowners after kitchen remodel

Removing Walls to Open Up a Kitchen

Like most kitchens built in the 1970s, this one was cramped and dated, making it a prime candidate for remodeling. To open it up, the cabinets and bar that separated the kitchen from the adjoining den were removed, as well as the wall separating the room from the living room of the house. Watch this video to find out more.
Danny Lipford and Joe Truini installing paneling on wall.

How to Hide Seams When Installing Paneling

Watch this video for a tip on how to keep drywall from showing through the seams between sheets of paneling when installing paneling in a room.
Patching hole in drywall.

Patching a Hole in Drywall with Spackling

Yolunda asks, "I patched a big hole in my wall with drywall and put spackling over the drywall. Was this wrong?"

While similar in nature, spackling is usually used to fill nail holes and other minor imperfections while joint compound is the best choice for finishing drywall. Read on to find out more.
drywall brick

How to Hang Drywall on a Brick Wall

If you have an interior brick wall in your home that’s unsightly, you might want to cover it up with drywall. Watch this video to find out how to hang drywall on a brick surface.
Young woman painting a blue wall

How to Prepare Interior Walls and Trim for Painting

Cleaning and preparation are very important steps when painting the walls and trim in your home. To begin, you'll need a damp cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt. Mild soap and water can be used for the harder to clean stains. Watch this video to find out more.
Rolling masonry sealer on basement walls.

Sealing the Walls and Floor of a Basement in Your Home

Chris asks, “What should I use to waterproof the walls and floor of my basement?”

Sealers are available for the inside of basements, but the first line of defense is outside. Read on to find out more.
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How to Repair Wallpaper Seams

Linda asks, “What is the best way to fix vinyl wallpaper seams?”

Seams in wallpaper can come loose over time, but they usually can be repaired with seam glue, if you know the proper technique. Read on to find out more.