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Showerhead Support

Often the straps that secure the pipe leading to a shower-head become loose creating an annoying rattle as the shower is pressurized. To alleviate this without tearing into the wall to re-secure the pipe, try using expandable foam.

Toilet Tank Gasket

A toilet tank lid that doesn't fit properly is dangerous if it falls off the tank, and the noise of china scraping china is truly annoying. Watch this video for an easy fix to solve the problem.

Home Problems and Solutions

Whether you have an inefficient clothes dryer or are tired of waiting for hot water, we've got the answer. Watch this episode to find the solution to common home problems, including DIY recycling chutes and dumbwaiters.
Plumber gluing PVC drain pipe

How to Hire a Qualified Plumber for Your Home

Even small leaks can lead to big repairs. Avoid getting soaked by hiring an experienced, licensed pro.

How to Cut PVC Pipe Square

Watch this video to see how to mark PVC pipe accurately for a square cut by wrapping a strip of thin cardboard around the pipe.
Marking PVC pipe before gluing to align during assembly.

How to Align PVC Pipe Fitting During Assembly

PVC pipe glue sets quickly, so you don’t have a lot of time for adjustments during assembly. Watch this video for a tip on how to align PVC pipe fitting easily during assembly for a perfect fit.