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dual flush converter

Dual Flush Toilet Conversion Kit

Toilets account for a quarter of the water used in the average home. Older toilets use up to five gallons of water per flush, three times that of newer models. Dual flush toilets save even more water by giving you two flushing options, one for liquid and one for solid waste. Watch this video to find out more.
Ask Danny

How to Remove Smells and Odors from Drinking Water

Dean asks, "When we use the hot water in our new home, there is a very strong smelly odor. Please help."

There are several possibilities for the unpleasant odor in your water, including the material the pipes are made of and the water supply itself. Read on to find out more.

How to Maintain a Septic Tank

If your home uses a septic tank to dispose of waste water, it’s important to know how to keep it in proper working order. Here are the basics you need to know to maintain the septic tank system for your home.
Outdoor hose bib spigot.

How to Find a Leak in the Plumbing of Your Home

Betty asks, “I recently had my septic tank pumped out and noticed a steady stream of water coming from the house drain pipe into the tank. Where could it be coming from?”

The most likely culprit is a leaking toilet, but there are a couple of other possibilities to consider as well. Read on to find out more.
filling toilet with water

How to Drain a Toilet

The first step in removing a toilet is to drain all the water out of it. This simple trick uses gravity to pull most of the water out of the toilet bowl, making it easy to remove without making a mess.
Unscrewing a faucet aerator for cleaning.

Cleaning a Faucet Aerator

When a faucet has a weak or intermittent flow, the problem is often a clogged aerator. Watch this video to find out how to use vinegar to clean the faucet aerators in your home.
Bathtub drain.

Repairing a Bathtub Drain

Barbara asks, "Our bathtub no longer holds water. How can I replace the drain hardware?"

To replace the drain basket on the tub, you'll need access to the underside or back of the tub. To remove the drain basket, insert a pair of pliers in the basket and turn it, or there is a special tub drain removal wrench.
Pipe wrench.

How to Repair a Leaking Buried Pipe

Larry asks, “I have an outdoor leaking water pipe underground. How do I repair it?”

Once you’ve located the site of the leak, the DIY option would be to dig a trench around the leak, repair the pipe, refill the hole, and patch the damage to your landscape. Here's how.
Gluing trap to drain vent pipe.

Where to Position a Drain Vent Pipe

Deb asks, "My shower and washing machine drain need a vent pipe. Should I put the vent downstream from both of them or in between them?"

Depending on the distance between the drain pipes for the shower and washing machine, you may be able to install one vent at the one further downstream to serve them both.