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Closeup of woman's hand as she flushes a toilet that has a stuck handle

How to Repair a Stuck Handle on a Toilet

Does your toilet handle stick when you flush? Here's how to easily fix it so you get a smooth flush every time!
Ask Danny

How to Repair a Leaking Cut-Off Valve

Dee asks, “The cut-off valve for my toilet started leaking after I used it. How can I fix it?”

The washer on a cut-off valve can become hard or dirty over time. Read on to find out how to replace it.
Danny Lipford with completed cultured marble shower stall.

How to Attach a Tub Drain to a Shower on a Concrete Slab

Lee asks, “I’d like to remove my bathtub and replace it with a walk-in shower, but my home is on a concrete slab. How can I go about it?"
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How to Find and Remove Odors in a Bathroom

Janelle asks, “There’s a bad odor coming from under our bathroom sink. What could it be?”

Odors in bathrooms can be caused by problems with drain traps or vent pipes. Read on to find out more.

Repairing a Leaky Faucet

Leaky faucets are not only annoying, they needlessly waste a lot of water. Replacing the washer in a leaky faucet is a DIY project that’s not that difficult to do. Watch this video to find out how.
repair hose

How to Repair Leaky Garden Hose

Garden hoses often develop leaks over time. Rather than throwing the hose out, repair it by cutting out the damaged part and joining the two pieces back together using a repair kit. Watch this video to find out more.
Feeding tubes for new kitchen faucet through hole in sink..

How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet

Replacing the kitchen faucet in your home with a new one is not that difficult. Watch this video to find out how to go about it.
house with bench

How to Remove Mineral Deposits in Your Water

No matter how advanced your water system is in your home, the water will still have mineral deposits in it. This can lead to clogged aerators and sediment filled water heaters. Watch this video to find out how to fix this problem.

How To Install a Kitchen Sink Faucet

Installing a new faucet in your kitchen makes a great DIY project for your home and is not as hard as you might think. Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to remove your existing faucet and replace it will a new one, along with a list of the tools and supplies needed.