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Installing a Paddle Ceiling Fan

Paddle fans are a great way to keep cool and save energy in your home. Watch this video to find out how to replace an existing light fixture with a paddle fan.
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How to Shim Out Electrical Outlet or Switch When Installing a Tile Backsplash

Roxanne asks, “How can I make electrical outlets flush with a new tile backsplash?”

To shim out an electrical outlet, use an electrical box extender. Read on to find out more.
Installing a programmable timer switch in a wall electrical box

How to Install a Programmable Timer Switch

Replacing a wall switch with a programmable timer switch can increase a standard light switch's function. Here are some of the benefits of a timer switch — and a step-by-step guide to installation!
installing a dimmer switch

How to Install a Dimmer Switch

Replacing a single pole switch with a dimmer switch is not that difficult to do. Watch this video to find out how to go about it.
Installing paddle ceiling fan.

How to Install a Paddle Ceiling Fan

Paddle ceiling fans are a great way to keep you cool while saving energy. Watch this video to find out how to install a ceiling fan in your home.
Using an emery board to clean contacts on landscape lighting.

How to Repair and Maintain Landscape Lighting in Your Yard

The metal contacts in low voltage landscape lighting in your yard can become corroded over time, causing them to not light properly. Watch this video to find out how to solve this problem.
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How to Control a Ceiling Fan Without a Wall Switch

Cynthia asks, “There isn’t a wall switch for my ceiling fan, and I’m too short to reach the pull chain. Is there another way I could turn the fan on and off?”

Instead of a wall switch, consider installing a wireless remote that will allow you to control your paddle fan at the touch of a button. Read on to find out more.

How to Replace a Paddle Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Switch

Brad asks, “How can I fix the pull chain on my ceiling fan that broke off inside the switch?” With most pull chain fan switches, you’ll need to replace the switch, though on some models you may be able to reattach the chain.

How to Run Wires in Existing Walls and Floors

Need a new phone jack in your bedroom or installing speakers for your home theater system? While you could simply string the wires along the floor, it’s best to snake the wires inside walls or under floors. With careful planning, a few special tools, and the right techniques, it can be easier than you may think. Read on to find out how.